Vacancy Management


Home Vacancy Management Services

Leaving your home vacant for extended periods can be stressful and scary because of the many things that can happen in your absence. We can help relieve that stress.

You can tailor the following list of services and frequency to suit your property’s needs.

Exterior Inspection Interior Inspection Additional Services
  • Storm damage-Trees, windows, roof
  • Signs of forced entry
  • Check gates, locks & Security systems
  • Collect any papers or mail
  • Sprinkler malfunction-dry or flooding
  • Take in/put out trash cans
  • Performance of pool/lawn services
  • Check bathrooms kitchens and laundry area for leaks,flush toilets & run faucets to prevent odor
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Visual inspection of refrigerator/freezer, hot water heater, a/c & heat unit
  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Check for tripped breakers
  • Insect/animal/vermin infestation
  • Evaluate cleaning needs
  • Coordinate lawn, pool & maid services
  • Rotate light timers or Adjust lighting
  • Change a/c filters
  • Sweep entry, driveway, sidewalks
  • Video inspection sent by email
  • If a problem is detected and requires immediate attention, we’ll contact you and can handle it for you.
  • Additional concierge level service possible such as shopping turning up ac to prepare for your comfortable return etc.